Yard Arm


Yard Arm.

A robust and forthright smooth sipping gin bursting with Juniper and Corriander sumptuous Cinnamon Anaise Cardanom Cubeeb berries with warm overtones of Orange. To be served and sipped on its own or with your favourite tonic soda water ice and a slice of orange

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  1. Christopher

    I came across Clun Forest Spirits Yardarm gin at Ludlow market a couple of weeks ago when staying nearby and bought a bottle to take back to London. What a discovery! Forget Sipsmiths and all these other so-called “boutique” gins, this is the real McCoy – Monkey 47 on steroids is the nearest I can get to describing it. Absolutely full of flavour, it is best left for a couple of minutes after adding the tonic when, like Monkey 47, it turns slightly cloudy (is this because it is unfiltered?) and the full hit of the juniper and other flavours comes out. No need to add juniper berries as I have been doing recently with other rather tasteless gins. The only problem is that I don’t know where I can buy it apart from Ludlow market. But the gin alone would make a trip to Ludlow worthwhile.

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